Cocktail Glasses – Bar Glasses that all bars should have

Types of Cocktail Glasses

One thing that all bars have in common besides a vast variety of alcohol are a lot of different Cocktail Glasses. That are numerous different types and each one is called for specifically depending on which cocktail you are making. Depending on the drink involved you could see a tall or short glass for your basic drinks all the way to fancy glasses for drinks like Margaritas, martini, champagne, or wine.

If you want to have your home bar well stocked there are a few types of glasses that are a “Must have” as well as a couple that would be nice to have if your budget allows.

No cocktail glass is an absolute requirement. If you don’t have a certain type that we list here you can always substitute a different type. For example, you may make a tropical drink such as a Pina colada from time to time but you don’t have a hurricane glass. That is fine just you a basic highball glass. If you are making a martini but don’t have a martini glass just use a wine glass if available.

Highball Glass

A highball glass is one if the most basic of all cocktail glasses. They are not normally suited for serving whiskey or old fashioned drinks but a generally used for mixed drink creations. It is slightly shorter and fatter than a Collins glass but taller than a lowball glass.

Lowball Glass

The lowball glass is just a short version of the highball glass. It can go by other names such a whiskey glass or even an old-fashioned glass. This glass is typically used for whiskey and bourbon cocktails as it holds 6-8 oz of liquid leaving enough room for ice if you want to drink “On the Rocks”.

Martini Cocktail Glass

Classic Dry MartiniThe martini cocktail glass got its name from the traditional drink that it holds. Almost all Martini glasses are shaped like a pointed ice cream cone that has a wide top rim and tapers down to a point. Most (but not all) have a straight long stem. Holding the martini by the stem will keep the drink cooler longer.

We actually have an alternative version of the martini glass that does not have a long stem. This is because unless you are stationary the traditional martini glass is very cumbersome.

See our collection of great martini cocktail recipes here.

Collins Glass

Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise Recipe

A Collins glass is about the same highball glass but can be narrower and slightly taller only holding 10-14oz. of liquid.  This glass holds mixed drinks like the Tom Collins or a mojito.

Hurricane Cocktail Glass

A Hurricane glass is a curvy drinking glass that typically will hold about 20oz. of drink. This cocktail glass will normally hold the hurricane drink, daiquiris, or Coladas.

Margarita Cocktail Glass

A margarita glass is almost like two bowls in one glass. The top is a wide bowl that funnels into a smaller bowl. The wide top allows rimming it with either salt or sugar. The stem of the glass makes for easy handling as this drink can be cumbersome to hold – especially if you have more than one or two.

Shot Glass

Wine Glass


Beer Mug

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